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Why taking a sauna is so healthy

Regular “sweat baths” are regarded as the fountain of youth. A woman is never more beautiful, at least according to the Finns, than one hour after a sauna. A sauna is a natural, holistic beauty treatment. The heat cleanses impurities. Your complexion becomes tender and rosy and the improved blood circulation makes it look fresher.

In the dry heat of a sauna (60 to 85 degrees) or in the humidity of a steam bath (45 to 50 degrees) the temperature of your skin increases by about ten degrees and of your body as a whole by about one degree. As a consequence your inner organs show a mild temperature. That is good because the increased temperature entices antibodies into the blood stream and destroys viruses and bacteria. The heat dilates the blood vessels and stimulates blood circulation. The subsequent cooling-down and change in temperature stimulates your circulation and metabolism. Your perspiration will remove toxic substances. Saunas prevent colds as well as rheumatic complaints, gout, sciatica and heart attack.

In addition a regular visit to the sauna can relieve cellulitis. The hot-cold stimuli tighten your tissue; boost your circulation and sluice excess water and toxic elements out of your tissue. In addition, the alternation from hot to cold improves the blood supply to your muscles. This in turn stimulates the healing process in cases of muscular tensions and injuries.

Visits to the sauna have a relaxing effect on your mind. The heat makes you breathe evenly and you automatically become calm and serene. The heat creates new energy this way.

The only thing to do for you is to pay a visit to our Tyrolean steam room or our fragrant steam bath.

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